Constantly feeling outshone by her sister, a little girl gazes at the sky wondering whether she will ever find her place in the world.

'Will I ever sparkle? Will I ever shine?'

she asks her grandfather who gently reassures her by telling her a story of how everything is connected: we are all made of stardust.


This beautiful story encourages everyone to believe in themselves and to reach for their dreams.Always second to her older sister, the 'star' of the family, the little girl longs to shine at something, something you often see in siblings -or with those children in a class who feel overshadowed by others. Being reminded that we all 'shine in different ways' is so important as is encouraging each one of us to find that special thing!

The illustrations are absolutely stunning - full of details, rich colours and different perspectives. The emotions depicted on the little girl's face are wonderful: from hurt to despair to wonder, love and joy. The spread showing a diverse range of big sisters and little sisters is just delightful!


I love the relationship between grandfather and granddaughter. Warm, loving and supportive, he is the one who notices her worries and consoles and guides her. Achieving her dream is in no small part due to him as she remembers her advice as she makes her way into the stars. 

Beautiful book!

Stardust    by Jeanne Willis, illustrated by Briony May Smith

Nosy Crow     ISBN: 978-1788000680