North Somerset Teachers' Book Award 2017, part 1.


Yesterday was the third North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards. After months of planning and worrying,  everyone came together and we had a wonderful afternoon! This year, Mendip Green Primary School hosted the event- thank you to James Oakley, the head, for allowing us to use the school.


Friends old and new gathered to celebrate the fantastic books on our short list. Each and every one of these books is a real treasure, highly recommended by us all, great for using in school or enjoying at home.


With all the cakes laid out and the kettles on (minor urn incident nearly caused panic, but the team rose to the challenge brilliantly!), everyone started to arrive. Will and Jess, my nephew and niece, did a wonderful job of labelling everyone, guests arriving by train were collected (thanks Gav and Chris) and soon the hall was full of happy chatting and laughter.


Once everyone had been welcomed and were settled, the awards started...and it was cake time! Thank you so much to every one who brought cakes for us to share- so many yummy treats on offer! Over-indulgence was the order of the day!


During this time, we all had the perfect opportunity to mingle and get our books signed. Our little shop was very busy- huge thanks to Bev, who was rushed off her feet with sales. We couldn't have arranged this without the support of Rohan at Waterstones in Weston, who patiently dealt with last minute requests and changes without batting an eyelid! 


It was wonderful to see everyone chatting, sharing and enjoying each other's company. Sally worked tirelessly at this time, selling raffle tickets. With her top hat full of tickets, she was hard to say no to! 


And before we knew it, time had flown! Raffle winners claimed their prizes and the awards began...