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Tonight, JAB North met to discuss life, the universe and this term's chosen reads... 'Letter from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll and 'Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure' by Alex T. Smith. The response to both books was overwhelmingly positive!

'Letters from the Lighthouse' was a huge hit. Everyone enjoyed the story and the opening was particularly admired for its atmosphere and description. A couple of members had read it to their classes and the children 'adored', 'loved' and 'couldn't get enough' of it!

There was a lively discussion about the cover artwork. It is a tribute to Emma Carroll's ability to vividly describe a scene that there was great disappointment that the lighthouse depicted on the cover did not match the one in the story- the one everyone imagined. We also discussed how useful it would be to have some background historical information linking the story to real events.

The group felt that 'Letters from the Lighthouse' was a great read and one which which could be used either as a Quality Fiction text or as a Read Aloud for Y5 and 6 children.


We then discussed 'Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure'. The gentle humour and wonderful illustrations made this an immediate hit too. Mr Penguin is an appealing character and the adventure rattles along at a great pace, told using a rich, challenging vocabulary. We also discussed the Claude books and how much we love them too!

Everyone agreed that there was much you could do in class using this book as a Quality Fiction text with Y2 or Y3 children, but that any aged children would enjoy the story as a Read Aloud as well. 


Two brilliant books which would enrich any classroom or library. A lovely session- with mince pies to get us in the festive mood!


Our next books will be

'The Hippo at the End of the Hall' by Helen Cooper


'The Great Gran Plan' by Elli Woollard and Steven Lenton.

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