The Boy and the Bear


A little boy longs for a friend to play with- games are no fun on your own! One day, he receives a message on a paper boat- and it seems he's found the friend he's been searching for. However, Bear is not quite the playmate the boy had in mind- he's not good at hide-and-seek; he's too heavy for see-saw!


But Bear has other strengths and  one autumn morning, Bear starts to build a tree house, leading to a magical time. Autumn leads to winter and as the snow starts to fall, the boy is left alone again, realising just what he has lost...until spring and his friend return.


Beautifully illustrated, this is a delightful story about the joys of friendship. Bear is not exactly what boy was looking for in a friend. Their friendship develops as they come to know and understand each other. Working together they create something special which they can share. Friendship is worth working at!


The pictures are every bit as lovely as the story. Moving from season to season, each spread shows the friendship as it develops. The final picture of the friends sharing a hug is particularly special! 

'The Boy and the Bear' is a lovely story with gorgeous illustrations which will be enjoyed again and again!

The Boy and the Bear by Tracey Corderoy, illustrated by Sarah Massini

Nosy Crow      ISBN: 978-1788000758