Quentin Blake's 'A Christmas Carol'


Marley was dead: to begin with...

To me, those words signal the beginning of Christmas. I love Dickens' stories- and this is one of my favourites- so you can imagine my excitement and delight when this beauty came into my hands!


The illustrations are pure Quentin Blake, with many pictures scattered throughout the book. I really love the way some of the pictures- the Fezziwigs dancing, the Ghost of Christmas Present - echo those of John Leech, yet others seem more modern. A mix of black and white line drawings and colour plates has been used, again like the original book.


With its tempting red binding and bright cover illustration, this would make a fabulous Christmas gift to share and read aloud. Having spent Christmas Eve in Dickens' London home, sipping mulled wine and listening to 'A Christmas Carol' being read aloud in front of a roaring fire, to my mind, there is no book better for the Christmas season- particularly if you watch 'A Muppet Christmas Carol' alongside it!

Just brilliant!


Quentin Blake's A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Pavilion    ISBN: 978-1843653516