Last Stop on Market Street


After church, CJ and his Nana don't go home. They take the bus to Market Street, although CJ wonders why they don't have a car. His Nana answers this, and all his other questions, with patience, love and understanding until they reach their final destination. 

This is quite simply a beautiful book. What appears to be a simple story offers so much to think about and discuss as CJ's Nana finds beauty in everyone and values things that others might not. The warmth of the relationship between the two is wonderful- personally, I think there are not enough stories that show the important role so many grandparents play in children's lives. 

The illustrations are fabulous. Full of warm colours, they are an appealing backdrop to the lovely story. Perhaps we could all do with reading it and taking a moment to step back and appreciate the little things- to find the beauty around us