Izzy Gizmo

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Always inventing, mending and tweaking, Izzy is never without her trusty tool bag. Not all of her creations work without a hitch: the Tea-Mendous, the Swirly-Spagsonic and the Beard-tastic all featured some fairly major flaws and, at times, Izzy is tempted to give up!

However, when faced with a crow with a damaged wing, Izzy is faced with a real challenge. Can she put her skills to good use- or will she give up before her new friend is able to fly once more?

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Izzy's love of and enthusiasm for inventing as she throws herself into each project is brilliantly brought to life by Sara Ogilvie's amazing illustrations. Her brilliant ideas and creativity know no bounds, but the reader is also shown the realism of inventions- they often go wrong. Izzy's frustration at her lack of success tackled too, offering a great starting point for discussions about tackling disappointment and the importance of persevering. 

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The rhyming text is brilliant for reading aloud and bounces along, offering plenty to consider along the way. I love the ending too- lots to discuss there as well! The relationship between Izzy and her Grandpa is wonderful- warm, supportive and offering a guiding hand. 

The illustrations are absolutely delightful and Izzy has such an expressive face that empathising with her is really easy. A great read!

Izzy Gizmo  by Pip Jones, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

Simon and Schuster      ISBN: 978-0857075130