Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans

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When his new skinny jeans arrive in the post, Rooster is so excited. They fit perfectly - and have striking gold stitching. He feels on top of the world and sets off to strut his stuff round the farmyard.

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However, his new trousers are not well received by the rest of the farmyard animals and Rooster hides in the barn, feeling miserable. Suddenly catching sight of himself, he realises that he doesn't care what the others think: they're his jeans and he loves them!

'I wanted these jeans and I bought them for me.

Their opinions don't matter. I'll show them. They'll see.'

Impressed by his re-kindled confidence, the animals change their minds and show admiration for the brave Rooster, who promptly goes on-line to do a bit more shopping...

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Flamboyant and unique, Rooster is a fabulous character whose individuality is to be applauded. Reminding us all that is it great to be different from others and have different tastes, this story makes an excellent starting point for discussions, both in class and out, about valuing this in ourselves- and respecting it in others.

The bouncy, rhyming text just begs to be read aloud...

'He brushed off  all feelings of worry and doubt,

Then he cockled and doodled and dooed with a shout!'

...and the illustrations are full of details, perfect for discussing and developing stories about. Brilliant stuff! I'd love to know what Rooster is going to get up to next!

Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans    Jessie Miller, illustrated by Barbara Bakos

Maverick Publishing     ISBN: 978-1848862821