Dave Pigeon (Racer!)


In this third pigeony adventure, our feathered friends are back- and as biscuit-loving as ever! In this adventure, Dave visits the vet who has made him a new wing- the most pigeontastic wing he's ever seen. Whilst there, Dave and Skipper make some new friends- and an enemy. Opprobrious Vastanavius, a pirate parrot, challenges our feathered hero to a race. Dave has the honour of pigeonkind resting on his feathers. Will he be victorious or will the 'catbrained featherball' (the parrot) win?


Light-hearted and entertaining from cover to cover, 'Dave Pigeon (Racer) is a great read- perfect for those finding their reading feet and anyone who loves a giggle. With lots of fabulous illustrations by the talented Sheena Dempsey peppered across the pages, the story races along in achievable chapters with jokes a-plenty.


Alongside the humour, the book also contains positive thoughts about self-belief and the importance of friendship. Loyal Skipper finds himself in a difficult position- should he lie to his friend and risk damaging his confidence or keep quiet in an attempt to protect him? Whenever Dave needs a friend, Skipper is there, supporting and encouraging him all the way. 

Winners of the 2016 North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards 2016 for the Read Aloud Category, we are delighted to see this is another brilliant instalment in the adventures of Dave Pigeon and his friends. I can't wait to see what they get up to next.

Dave Pigeon (Racer!) by Swapna Haddow, illustrated by Sheena Dempsey

Faber and Faber      ISBN: 978-0571336906

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