The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole


On her way home from NASA where she hoped to meet Carl Segan, Stella Rodriguez finds a black hole which follows her home. Although it absorbs everything it touches, Stella takes looking after her new 'pet' seriously, naming him Larry (short for singularity- a place of infinite gravity at the heart of a black hole). 

Larry seems to be a convenient way for Stella to get rid of all the things which remind her of her recently deceased father until Larry swallows something too precious to lose. Then Stella has to venture deep inside the black hole on a surreal adventure...

Both humorous and touching, 'The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole' is a quirky story about confronting loss and grief. The death of her father (who Stella addresses as 'you' throughout the narrative) has left a 'black hole' in Stella's life which she is struggling at cope with. A lonely, science obsessed child, Stella has to recognise many things about herself and her own actions before she can start to see a way forward. 

If you can keep on and face the darkness, it will, in the end, take you where you need to go. It will take you back to yourself. 

'The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole' is a brilliant story full of love and humour which does not shy away from the pain and confusion left by the death of a loved one. It is beautifully written, balancing comedy with poignancy. 

We talked until the part of you that was in Cosmos and the part of you that was in me were both shining so brightly it didn't seem like there was any dark left in the black hole at all. 

The illustrations and the black pages at the centre of the book add to the originality and uniqueness of the story, making it an excellent read for everyone!

'The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole' by Michelle Cuevas

Simon and Schuster     ISBN: 978-1471170188

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