Wolf Brother

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On Friday evening, children from Year 6 came back to school in the dark to enjoy an evening of fun based on our class text, 'Wolf Brother'. A powerful and beautifully written book, the children are thoroughly enjoying the story and have done some amazing work in response to it.


The end of the school day saw all the Year 6 staff racing round, getting everything ready. Tracking clues had to be set, the fire lit, potatoes put in the oven and base camp made ready. They are a brilliant team!


As each child arrived, they had their clan tattoos applied to face and hands, depending on the clan they were assigned to. Gathering in their teams by the fire, there was much howling- some very convincing! I'm sure the neighbours were wondering what on earth was happening!

When everyone had arrived, we started the evening with a reading from 'Wolf Brother'- not easy in the dark!! Then, armed with a map of the school grounds in their Mesolithic incarnation and torches, the Clans were sent off into the darkness to track different creatures and locate their prints. The Demon Bear was also out in the forest somewhere so they had to be careful! 


Swan Clan were the first back to base having located all the creatures- and evaded the bear! We celebrated the safe return of all the clans by feasting on jacket potatoes! 


Hot chocolate topped with marshmallows was followed by toasting marshmallows round the fire and dipping them in hot chocolate! The children thought that we should do this every Friday night!