Spy Dad!

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All Olivia wants (apart from a hamster) is for her parents to be at home more. Dad is always on some mission or another unlike her friend Sophia's mummy who is at home every day. When Olivia confronts her parents, her dad decides to give up work. From that moment, adventure and danger seem to follow them everywhere...

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On the first page we meet Spy Dad who is tied to a chair and using his toes to open his Swiss Army knife whilst the bomb under his seat is ticking away ( 0:07 on the clock!). Like any good action movie, he escapes from the umbrella factory just in the nick of time, dangling from a helicopter as the bomb explodes beneath him. At this point, his phone rings- and it's his daughter! 

It can be hard for working parents to balance the demands of a busy job with family life and 'Spy Dad' takes a humorous look at one parent's attempt to reconcile this. 


The fabulous  illustrations which are packed with clues to Spy Dad's exciting secret existence as he and his daughter try to go about their new 'normal' life. There is a somewhat 'retro' feel to the artwork which is very appealing. Everyone will enjoy this story!

Spy Dad   by Jukka Laajarinne, illustrated by Timo Manttari

Pikku Publishing      ISBN: 978-9003488450