Guest review of 'Over the Line'

Today, we are delighted to have a review from Erin, a JAB Junior! Inspired by her mum having read 'Over the Line' by Tom Palmer, and enjoying both history and football, Erin was happy to read and review it for us. 

I loved ‘Over the Line’ because it was a tale based on a true story. The way the author – Tom Palmer – wrote it transported me to the places where main character, Jack Cock, fought in World War 1.

 Tom Palmer has created believable characters that I could empathise with. If one died, or was injured, I felt a sense of loss even if it was not a main character.

 I think the story was developed further than the lines on the page; it delved into the mind of Jack so clearly that I saw the death as if I were the one affected in that terrible time.  I felt sorry for the soldiers like Jack who survived the war. These people were so affected by the horrors they saw that these scenes were forever played out in their minds for the rest of their lives.

Alongside this feeling, Tom Palmer has created a lust for information which made me unable to put the book down.      

 I would recommend this book to anybody who likes history and sport especially those who love football. 

Many thanks to Erin for her review- and we hope to hear from her again soon!

Over the Line by Tom Palmer

Barrington Stoke      ISBN: 978-1781123935