Brilliant Bookshops: Kenilworth Books

Kenilworth is famous for its amazing castle which was home to some very significant figures from English history. The castle is beautiful and well worth a visit, but in the small town of the same name is another reason to go there- Kenilworth Books.

What a treasure trove of delights! Walking through the door, you are struck by the fabulous smell of new books and the warm welcome you receive from the staff.

Temptation lies all around you! The shop manages to feel light and uncluttered whilst offering an amazing range of goodies. Prints by Jackie Morris, a soft toy sloth (yes, I had to have him!), beautiful notebooks - and, of course, a wide range of books on many different subjects.

The children's section contained a wonderful range of titles, arranged in a child-friendly area.

The lady who owns 'Kenilworth Books' was lovely, chatting to each customer. Her love of books was evident as was her determination to spread that love. Today, the bookshop had sent a letter to Donald Trump with a copy of 'Phoenix' by S F Said, saying they had noticed there weren't many books in the White House and they thought he might like this to start his collection! Those familiar with the story will not miss the 'subtle' message being sent with the gift!

Amongst the gems that I just had to have was this wonderful book about Arthur Rackham. I remember his pictures on books I had as a child (and still have!) and love them. I just couldn't resist it!

Loving mythology and traditional tales, I had to add these two beauties to my colllection as well!

And finally, a little holiday reading!

Kenilworth Books is such a lovely, well-run 'Brilliant Bookshop' that it's worth travelling quite a distance to visit! I shall be going back soon!

They don't seem to have a website at the moment, but you can find them at 12, Talisman Square, Kenilworth. Twitter: @KenilworthBook