World Book Day 2017

World Book Day 2017 is fast approaching and we have been using our week away from school to prepare our book themed costumes ready for the big day. This year, we have been inspired by Liz Pichon's fantastically fun World Book Day illustrations and we have decorated our own T-shirts...

Liz's illustrations are really simple to copy and you can even find downloadable versions on the World Book Day website, like the image below.

We gathered some simple supplies - white T-shirts, fabric pens (a variety of colours), some thick cardboard (to protect the underside of the T-shirt) and some large clips to keep the card in place.

We penciled a design onto the T-shirt first and then went over the top in black, filling in the detail with coordinating colours.

We even added a friendly book loving spider on the back of our T-shirt as a spooky surprise!

We can't wait to show off our T-shirts at school on the 2nd March as part of our World Book Day celebrations. We'll then be heading off to the shops to pick up one of the fabulous World Book Day books. If you'd like more information about the ten £1 special edition books, take a look at the World Book Day website.