British Books Challenge 4: Melinda Salisbury

I loved this series! What more can I say?! Don't read this, go and read the books!

Taken from her life as the Sin-Eater's daughter, Twylla lives at court, the embodiment of the goddess, Daunen, executioner to those accused of treason. Her very touch is enough to kill and kill she does. Immune to her touch is the Prince, who she is destined to marry, yet even he avoids her.

Twylla lives an isloated, unhappy existence until the arrival of a new guard changes everything...

I hate it when people give the whole plot away in a review so I am going to stop there, but this is a complex story with many twists and turns which develops across the trilogy.

Melinda Salisbury creates a vivid, carefully constructed world full of detail. The traditions, myths and legends of the culture are all built into the plot, making the story a rich and satisfying read. This is sustained across the series, resulting in a convincing fantasy world.

Each character is beautifully drawn. Over the trilogy, Twylla develops from being lonely, insecure and vulnerable to being someone to reckon with. Her relationships are complex and compelling- both her friendships and the 'love triangle' she finds herself embroiled in. The 'baddies' are bad, but there are glimpses of another side to their character. The Queen in the first book, for example, is evil personified and yet you feel she believes her ruthlessness and cruelty are essential for the good of Lormere.

This is a trilogy which just begs to be read back to back. Melinda Salisbury skilfully moves viewpoint in 'The Sleeping Prince', surprising us once again and upping the pace and the tension. 'The Scarecrow Queen' pulls eveything together in an exciting and satisfying conclusion, producing a few tears along the way. Add them to your MUST read list if you haven't already.

 The Sin Eater's Daughter     Scholastic   ISBN: 978-1407147635

         The Sleeping Prince     Scholastic   ISBN: 978-1407147642

      The Scarecrow Queen    Scholastic   ISBN: 978-1407147659