No Virgin

My name is Stacey Woods and I was raped.

So begins this very powerful, moving story of a young girl after she has been sexually attacked. Not feeling able to go to the police, the only person she can turn to is her best friend, Patrice, who encourages her to write everything down.

Anne Cassidy is well known for writing gripping stories which tackle harsh realities and 'No Virgin' is no exception. A master story-teller, she allows Stacey to fill in all the details- how she found herself in the situation she did, how she was manipulated, all the circumstances that made her vulnerable.

Although painful to read, 'No Virgin' clearly shows how sexual assult harms a person mentally as well as physically as Stacey starts blame herself for what happened. The actions (grooming) of those responsible are so calculated- both before and after- demonstrating a ruthlessness which is chilling.

Like 'Asking for It' (reviewed here), 'No Virgin' is sadly much needed to allow those conversations, to flash those warning lights and to ensure that we are all clear that the guilt lies with the rapists, not those being attacked.

No Virgin    by Anne Cassidy

Hot Key Books    ISBN: 978-1471405785