Evie's Ghost

Reminiscent of 'Tom's Midnight Garden', Evie's Ghost is a lovely time-slip novel where a young girl travels back in history to spare another the fate of a loveless marriage.

Evie is not happy with her mother. Not only has she decided to remarry, but she is sending Evie to stay with a godmother Evie has never met in an ancient house in the middle of nowhere. No mobile signal, no internet- not even a television- how is she going to cope?

Words scratched into the window of the room she is staying in lead Evie into an adventure in the past where she finds herself as a housemaid in the 1800's. Forced into a very different life and role than she's used to, Evie has to learn quickly if she is to help those in the past and change the future. 

Rich in historical detail, Evie's Ghost is about friendship, loyalty and family. Evie learns a great deal about herself during her time in the past and comes to re-evaluate her relationships and opinions. As a feisty, modern girl, she is shocked by the attitudes, not only to girls, but to those of 'lower' classes held by people in the early 1800's. The hard life of a maid servant is vividly brought to life with its relentless duties and unreasonable expectations. 

Evie is determined to change the past and the story moves at a pleasing pace towards a satisfying conclusion.

I really enjoyed this story and know there are children in my class who will love it! I'll see if I can gather some of their opinions soon!

Evie's Ghost     by Helen Peters

Nosy Crow    ISBN: 978-0857638427