Boy in the Tower- Polly Ho-Yen

When they first arrived, they came quietly and stealthily, as if they tip-toed into the world when we were all looking the other way.

Living at the top of a tower block suits Ade. He loves looking out of the windows where you can see 'just about anything'- if you know where to look. He knows who to look for and when to look for them, but he also notices things which are new and different. His mum loves living up high too and they often sit together, sharing the view.

But Ade's mum no longer looks out of the window...or sings. She has stopped leaving the flat, cooking dinner and spends much of her time sleeping. She 'retreated into herself, locking herself away from the outside world.'

And then the Bluchers- strange plants- appear, buildings start falling and people are collapsing in the streets. The plants are sending out deadly spores and Ade's tower suddenly doesn't feel so safe any more.

There is so much to love about this story. Ade is an endearing character, trying to cope with everything life is throwing at him. Through his voice, we learn about what is taking place, yet there is much he doesn't really understand, including why his mum is not there for him at such a scary time. He is a real hero with big heart.

The story is quite dark and threatening in places, but it has positive messages about friendship and loyalty at its core and is a great read!

I need to read Polly's second book, 'Where Monsters Lie', very soon!

Boy in the Tower   by Polly Ho-Yen

Corgi Children's     ISBN: 978-0552569163

Polly Ho-Yen is one of our local authors; her details can be found in the Author Directory in the Members' Section of our website.