It's My Pond!

What happens when a duck finds a lovely pond and the others come along and want a share of it? This sweet little book explores the importance of sharing, friendship and having fun!

Bright, bold hook-a-ducks abound on the pages of this book. We start with yellow duck who spots a nice pond and claims it for his own. Soon, he is joined by white duck and the two agree to split it between them. This continues until ducks of every colour each have a little piece of the pond, but don't have much room- or much fun. Things change when wise black duck appears. He doesn't want a bit of the pond- he just wants to swim around and enjoy himself, reminding the others of the reason they liked the pond in the first place!

The illustrations are lovely! Simple and effective, they add a gentle humour to each spread as the little ducks bob on the pond. The story offers the opportunity to discuss sharing and valuing the things which we have.

A perfect story for sharing with the youngest children, 'It's My Pond' would also work really well to initiate discussions with older primary pupils. Also, it made my husband laugh- what more can you ask from a book?

It's My Pond   written and illustrated by Claire Garralon

Book Island   ISBN: 978-1911496021