JAB fun!

I love our book group meetings and there's been twice the fun this week as we've had two sessions!

Both groups had lively discussions about this term's reading.

Bear and Rabbit: A Pest in the Nest (reviewed here) was loved by everyone. It was described as 'sensibly, but seriously funny for 7-8 year olds', although judging by the laughter surrounding the discussion, it appeals to older readers too! Several members had read this book (or the previous one- Rabbit's Bad Habits- reviewed here) to their class and reported back that the children had loved it. The 'poo' content in the first book has caused some comment from parents, but we all agreed it is 'scientific poo' and therefore acceptable! The illustrations in this little treasure delighted everyone.

Cogheart (previously reviewed here) was thought to be a great adventure story, but there was some division in both groups about this one. Some felt the fact that the author didn't hold back, but faced the reader with some menacing and 'grim' events made this a gripping read that children would enjoy; others felt the writing to be awkward in places.

Wed Wabbit also caused much debate! From discussing whether children's toys are scary to the target audience for the book to Ellie (considered hilarious by most of the group!) to the fact that the book would make a brilliant read aloud experience, the reactions were mixed, but overall positive.

Having consumed several hot chocolates and many biscuits, we turned our attention to looking at some of the books we are considering for our long lists- particularly the information category. This was such a pleasure as there are so many beautiful and interesting titles around. Time flew by!

The titles we have decided to read for our next meeting are:

Radio Boy by Chris O'Connell

Harper Collins Children's     ISBN: 978-0008183325

The Song from Somewhere Else by A F Harrold, illustrated by Levi Pinfold

Bloomsbury    ISBN: 978-1408853368