I am an Artist

Whilst I was searching my book collection for something else, I came across my copy of 'I am an Artist'. Immediately, I forgot what I was looking for and started re-reading it!

This is the story of a boy who is inspired by EVERYTHING! He sees artistic possibilities everywhere and creates works of art from anything. A broken mirror becomes his 'multiple self portrait'; the fridge, 'Spring in Winter'. His mother is not quite so keen on his creations and seems not to understand his artistic flair.

To make her feel better, he comes up with a plan- to create his biggest and best masterpiece yet- just for his mum!

This is one of those books that you just have to smile at- laugh at - and love! The little boy encapsulates the innocent enthusiasm children have when they are absorbed in doing something they enjoy- without realising how they might be affecting others! As his poor mother struggles to clean up and sort out his artistic adventures, he continues to create his masterpieces.

There is so much humour in the illustrations which are bright and bold. Not only does the story allow for discussions about whether the boy is really being naughty and whether or not the mum is really cross with her son (or perhaps proud of his talent!), it also introduces various artisitic concepts- texture, for example, and styles- Picasso's 'Blue Period'.

I am an Artist   by Marta Altes

Macmillan     ISBN: 978-0230760400