This is NOT a Science Book

Described as a 'smart science book', 'This is NOT a Science Book' is jam-packed full of activities to engage children with the delights of scientific discovery and creativity. Offering an abundance of cutting, sticking and colouring, this is a perfect 'go-to' book for school holidays or wet weekends!

There is something to do on every page- each designed to help the reader make sense of science. For example, these chameleons can be used to make a flip book, with an additional copy of the page at the end so that you don't have to ruin the book. Clear instructions tell you what to do with additional ideas for follow-up activities.

The book offers a lovely range of topics which can be enjoyed in isolation, to further explore something learned about in school or visited again and again. Above all it is a fun, hands on way to explore.

Bringing science to life and banishing its image as a 'dry' subject, 'This is NOT a Science Book' is fun for everyone!

This is NOT a Science Book   by Cliff Gifford, illustrated by Charlotte Milner

Ivy Kids     ISBN: 978- 1782403975