Welcome to William Bee's Wonderful World of Trucks!

Meet William Bee as he leads you through his world full of trucks. From his fuel tanker (possibly the most useful of trucks) to his rescue truck to his amphibious truck, Wiliam lovingly shares each one with the reader, telling them all about it.

I love the bold illustrations and the strong use of colour. 'William Bee's Wonderful World of Trucks' really reminds me of the books my brothers had when they were little (I had no interest in trucks or cars or anything of that nature- and still don't!) Where I think this book triumphs over theirs is the detail added to each spread. Each truck has so much to look at and discuss and there is plenty of humour. William's little dog has such an expressive face , but I think the traffic cones are my favourite!

As well as the facts about all the different types of trucks, you can also enjoy finding William's little rabbit toy on each page and looking at all the 'Elephant' products on offer! My husband says it reminds him of the wonderful world of Richard Scarry- but this is the wonderful world of William Bee!

William Bee's Wonderful World of Trucks    by William Bee

Pavilion Books     ISBN: 978-1843653257