World Poetry Day 2017- 21st March

To celebrate World Poetry Day, here are a few titles taken from the 2015 and 2016 short lists to remind you just how good they are!

Our 2015 winner, 'Buzzing!' is full of wonderful poems celebrating the amazing insect world. You can read our review here.

Another treat from the 2015 shortlist, this is a great collection of fun poetry which children love! Read our review here.

This collection of poems about the Second World War is very different to the other two on the 2015 shortlist, but just as worth exploring! Read our review here.

Also set during war was last year's winner, 'Flo of the Somme', a beautiful picture book whose rhyming text makes sure that the contribution animals made during wartime is not forgotten. Find our review here.

From last year's shortlist, '1066 and Before That' is a brilliant collection of historical poems perfect for enjoying at home or in school. Read the review here.

Also from last year's short list is 'Werewolf Club Rules' by Joseph Coelho. A treasure trove of poems you could use in school, you can read the review here.

And finally in my mini-celebration of World Poetry Day 2017, another book from the poetry shortlist of 2016. A wonderful collection of nursery rhymes from around the world! Read the review here.

What will we choose for the 2017 poetry long list? We are seeking out treasures ready to share at the end of April!