Places to go: Barrington Court

Barrington Court- one of Somerset's treasures-is a special place to visit. Atmospheric and beautiful, it is unusual in that it contains no collections or furniture, allowing your imagination to run wild!

This lovely location has been used in the filming of many period dramas, including 'Wolf Hall' and as you walk round, you can understand why it is a popular setting.

Full of character, this would be a wonderful place to take children to visit. There are so many details to be discovered and which could lead to some amazing drama, art and written work. The ghost of the 'blue boy' in the long gallery, a graffitied lady scratched into the stone work, stories of children evacuated here during WW2... just a few of the things that could be used as starting points.

Barrington Court also has wonderful grounds full of many majestic trees and beautiful gardens divided into several sections. We had great fun on the swing we found and enjoyed looking at the bee hives hidden amongst the trees.

Having kitchen gardens and growing lots of fruit and vegetables, there are plenty of opportunities for mkaing links with the science curriculum and food technology. There are some amazing recipes to try on their website.

With a second hand bookshop (I found some real treasures in there!), five craft shops (including patchwork, woodwork and a pottery), Barrington Court really is a wonderful place to visit!