Thank You, Mr Antony!

Today, I got the new Mr Panda book by Steve Antony. Having dressed up as Mr Panda myself for World Book Day, he is a character I am very fond of and I was delighted to find this new lesson in manners!

'Thank You, Mr Panda' is the latest book about the loveable, if grumpy, Mr Panda who insists on good manners at all times! As Mr Panda distributes presents at all his friends, Lemur is quick to remind everyone that it is the thought behind the gift that counts...even when he has to apply this thinking himself!

Beautifully illustrated and full of gentle humour, this new Mr Panda book continues his mission to teach the world some common courtesy. The simplicity of the text encourages children to join in with Lemur's words and allows for discussions about what Lemur means by this. What should you do if you receive a present that isn't quite what you're expecting? Why should we say 'thank you' at this point? Why is it important to say 'thank you' anyway?

Big, bright and bold, the pictures are wonderful, allowing plenty to discuss and laugh over. Mr Panda manages to convey a whole range of emotions and yet his features barely change! Lemur, on the other hand, is so expressive- I think he deserves a book all of his own!

Another lovely book from the very talented Steve Antony. I'm hoping there will be more adventures from Mr Panda before too long; I'd like to see him tackling taking turns or good table manners!

Thank You, Mr Panda    by Steve Antony

Hodder Children's   ISBN: 978-1444927856