Dinosaur ROAR!

I can't tell you how many times I read this book when my son was tiny. It was one of his absolute favourites and we both knew it by heart! So I was delighted when I noticed Paul Stickland was talking at the Oxford Literary Festival. Clutching my son's copies of 'Dinosaur Roar!' and 'Ten Terrible Dinosaurs, I set off to meet the man himself!

And I'm so glad I did! My only regret is never having had the chance to take Ricky when he was little!

The session was full of fun and laughter from beginning to end. Paul read his stories, encouraging all the children to join in. There was some expert dinosaur knowledge in the audience as children recognised the various types. Paul joked about the appearance of some of the 'lesser known' varieties that he had created!

Paul then showed us some of the amazing pop-up books that he has engineered and told us all about his love for experimenting with them and making models.

Ably assisted by his lovely daughter (who was so well behaved!), Paul then showed us all how to make a pop-up dinosaur of our own. What followed was wonderfully chaotic, yet somehow organised, fun! I think the grown ups were more excited than the children!

Here is Paul holding my creation! They are such fun to make and so simple- and really easy to adapt and add personality to! I have plans for my class!

The session passed far too quickly and lots of happy children and their parents made their way home, clutching their creations. It was a great event!

Dinosaur Roar! by Henritta Stickland, illustated by Paul Stickland

Picture Corgi      ISBN: 978-0552569361

Ten Terrible Dinosaurs   Paul Stickland

Macmillan Children's Books      ISBN: 978-1509835522