Has anyone seen the smallest Crumb?

The Crumbs are a big family...a REALLY big family.

There's Pa and Ma and Grandpa Plum.

Fee and Fi and Fo and...Fum? Has anyone seen the smallest Crumb?

Fum is missing! The Crumb family make their way through a land of fairy tale characters as they try to find their littlest one.

Full of colourful characters, 'Fum' is the delightful tale of the giant family, Crumb, searching for little Fum who has gone missing. In their search, they visit the three little pigs, Goldilocks and other fairy tale characters. At each location, although the family can't find their missing child, the reader catches a glimpse of tiny Fum.

Told in bouncy rhyme, this is a very engaging story which is sure to become a firm favourite in classrooms and at home. The illustrations are full of details and encourage lots of discussion. In addition to the named locations they visit, there are many other places shown which could lead you to explore other traditional tales and fairy stories. There is a troll lurking under the bridge the family crosses, a frog wearing a crown, a little boy scrambling down a giant beanstalk...clues to other stories everywhere!

From a teaching point of view, there is so much you could do with this book from using it to create first sentences to writing in role to re-telling stories from different viewpoints to creating maps and plans or organising a party! Great fun!

Due to be published at the end of March, 'Fum' will make a lovely addition to shelves everywhere!

Fum by Karl Newson, illustrated by Lucy Fleming

Maverick    ISBN: 978-1848862425