I used to love going to Greece! I haven't been for years, but this book reminded me so much of Lindos on Rhodes with its winding streets and white, flat-roofed buildings that I might have to convince the family that a little trip is needed!

Tasso and his sister, Athena, live with their father, a fisherman, in a Greek sideside town. As their father is poor, the children help out by working at the Trocadero, a local taverna, where Athena serves food and Tasso plays his bouzouki.

Everyone loves Tasso's playing and the cafe is full of locals and tourists singing and dancing. When Tasso becomes too tired to play, everyone is disappointed and the cafe owner buys a juke box so he can have music full time. Poor Tasso is without a job, but will the 'Rock-a-Rola' machine really be able to take his place?

First pubished in 1966, 'Tasso' is a story about tradition versus change. Tasso, with his traditional bouzouki playing; Greek village life with its donkeys, its dancing, its characters all come to life on these pages through William Papas' wonderful illustrations that burst with life and energy.

The story offers the perfect starting point for discussions about traditions, changes and their impact on people and their daily lives. Athough the juke box was fun initially, nothing could replace the joy of the live, traditional music offered by young Tasso. The illustrations are full of wonderful details and could easily be used as the starting point for plenty of writing.

A lovely book- something a bit different, a bit special- perfect for sharing and reminding us all that 'new' is not always better!

Tasso   by Papas

Pikku Publishing    ISBN: 978-0993488443

Publication date: 6th April 2017