How many dwarves?!

What happens when there are 77 little men to look after rather than 7? Snow White is welcomed into the dwarves' home in return for helping with their chores. Very soon she realises that life might be difficult- 77 names to learn, 77 beards to brush, 77 lots of washing, 77 bedtime stories...The work was never ending! So when offered a way out, who can blame her for taking it!

Full of humour and exploding with colour, this is a quirky re-imagining of one of our best loved traditional tales. There are 77 dwarves pictured, each with their own name (yes, we did count!) in a rainbow of colours and between them, they are enough to make the perfectly presented princess realise she has taken on more than she can cope with.

Perhaps I enjoyed this so much because the increasingly haggard Snow White could be me at the end of a day in school! As the dwarves swing from the chandeliers in their undies, fight in the beard-brushing queue and whack each other with pillows, they fail to notice that Snow White is struggling to cope with the workload thrust upon her. There is much to laugh at- but also much to discuss and think about!

I would love to use this story as a starting point for developing character and viewpoint! Great fun!

Snow White and the 77 Dwarves     by Davide Cali, illustrated by Raphaelle Barbanegre

Tundra Books     ISBN: 978-1770497634