Sky Private Eye

Sky Private Eye lives in Fairytale Town, where (when she's not detecting) she bakes cakes. When Little Red Riding Hood's Granny goes missing, Sky and Snuffle, her dog, are quickly on the case, locating the missing grandma and saving her from the Big Bad Wolf. Whipping up a batch of her special cupcakes turns the wolf from big baddie to bigfriendly and Sky Private Eye has accomplished her mission!

The illustrations are bright, lively and colourful. Each spread is full of details about life in Fairytale Town and the characters who live there. As Little Red, Sky and Snuffle zip along on Sky's scooter, they pass a Billy Goat whose collar bears the tag 'BIG', a frog wearing a crown and a gingerbread boy in running shoes. There is so much to talk about- so many other stories to tell!

Having saved the day (and Granny) with her Just-in-Time cupcakes, Sky returns to her baking. The book includes a recipe for vanilla wolf-print cupcakes at the back with clear instructions for how to make them. I haven't tried it out yet, but it's on my list of things to do!

This is a fun story with wonderful illustrations which would make a great read aloud for storytime! I am sure there will be many more cases for Sky Private Eye coming soon!

Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Missing Grandma   

by Jane Clarke, illustrated by Loretta Schauer

Five Quills    ISBN: 978-0993553707