Tiger, Tiger, don't sleep all day...

When Tiger is asked to cub-sit for the day, he is far from pleased, saying he's too old and too tired. However, a short time in the company of his lively young friend is enough to make Tiger realise there's life in him yet!

Children can be exhausting, but there is an infectious joy in seeing things through their enthusiastic, fresh eyes. It's one of the joys of parenting- and teaching!

This is a lovely story about generations coming together and finding the rewards of each other's company. Having agreed to a very slow stroll through the jungle, Tiger realises there's more to life than napping ; he starts to remember things he used to see and do whilst the young cub explores and experiences things for the first time. They both have fun and find friendship!

The rhyming text is lovely. Lambert chooses his words with care so what could have been basic has a satisfying richness. The story also introduces a great range of jungle creatures- from a butterfly to a pangolin (one of the world's most hunted animals), offering plenty to discuss and explore beyond the book.

Lambert's illustrations are always a delight and 'Tiger, Tiger' is no exception in this. Beautiful bold spreads with backgrounds in shades of green show off the vividly coloured tigers and the creatures they encounter perfectly. Lots of work on colour and printing could come from sharing these lovely images.

'Tiger, Tiger' is a grr-eat story, purr-fect for sharing!

Tiger, Tiger   Jonny Lambert

Little Tiger    ISBN: 978-1848694439