A Bird Like Himself

Finding an abandoned egg, a whole host of animals set about caring for the baby bird which hatches from it. The one thing they can't do, however, is teach it to fly.

This is a lovely story, showing the unconditional love of parents and carers. They might not always get it right (who does?!), but these creatures pull out all the stops to surround the little bird with happiness and love. The animals are selfless in their attention and the baby bird grows up completely at ease 'mooing' and 'baaing' as he pleases, fitting into and being part of any group.

When they realise that he can't fly, his adoptive family try their hardest to fill the gap for him and go to great lengths to support his efforts. When Baby finally meets another little bird like himself, he finds he can fly quite naturally.

Wonderfully quirky illustrations complement the text perfectly, adding a layer of humour in the details that they show. Some of the backgrounds are puzzling until all is revealed at the end- although this poses a few questions too!

Although the little bird ultimately finds another like himself and migrates with his new partner, the book shows us the warmth and joy of accepting others and including them in all you do. It celebrates parenting with all its trials and triumphs and the importance of letting those you love move on to do what's best for them. It reminds us that 'family' can come in any form and that love and support are what we all need to spread our wings and fly!

A Bird Like Himself    by Anahita Teymorian

Tiny Owl   ISBN: 978-1910328231