Discovering Dinosaurs!

Discovering Dinosuars not only allows you to discover information about dinosaurs, but is also about the people who did discover dinosaurs- or their remains!

The book starts by setting the scene for discovery. Fold out pages show maps of the world in the Triassic, Jurassic and Late Cretaceous periods with their changing land masses and the rise adn decline of the creatures who roamed there.

And then the focus is on the different dinosaurs and the people who discovered them.

Velociraptors- discovered in the Gobi Desert by the 'Central Asiatic Expedition' who were not looking for them; Elvisaurus (nicknamed this because its bone crest looked like Elvis's quiff!)- found by William Hammer; the Wild West Bone Wars between rival hunters Othniel Marsha dn Edward Cope... The book is bursting with details about these creatures and those who have deepened our understanding and knowledge of them.

The book is beautifully presented on thick, strong pages made to withstand the hours of use and enjoyment it will receive. Crammed full of fact files, lift-the-flaps, 'notebooks' and an amazing pop-up, there is plenty to discover and enjoy. The pages called 'Tracking Dinosaurs' at the end are particularlu useful for stating some facts very clearly which are often not clearly understood- how fossils are formed, what they can tell us etc.

This will be a great addition to any dinosaur book collection!

Discovering Dinosaurs    by Simon Chapman, illustrated by Rudolf Farkus and Mike Love

Paper engineering by Ania Mochlinska

Bloomsbury Children's     ISBN: 978-1408194614