Secret Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Secret Treasures of Ancient Egypt looks at the discovery of two sunken cities- Canopus and Thonis-Heracleion- and the secrets that they hold. Both were located in the 1930s and then by underwater archaeologists in 1996.

And what a treasure trove they uncovered! The book shows artefacts that were discovered and then looks at the significance these would have had for their ancient owners. The book also offers some possible explanations for why these thriving, vibrant cities sank beneath the waves.

Full of relevant vocabulary with clear explanations, 'Secret Treasures of Ancient Egypt' is a mine of information. Pictures of real discoveries sit alongside drawn illustrations to explain about the lives of those who inhabited these locations all those years ago. The book explains why there was such a Greek influence in these cities, making comparisions between the two cultures.

Stickers, a time-line and a pop-out sarcophagus to make for an ibis like one shown in the book are all added activities to engage children further.  A brilliant book for encouraging an interest in the Ancient Egyptians!

Secret Treasures of Ancient Egypt by Kate Sparrow, illustrated by Esther Aarts

Nosy Crow and The British Museum    ISBN: 978-0857637574