One Cheetah, One Cherry

From endpaper to endpaper, this is a beautifully illustratrated, gently humorous, counting book.

Simple text, using alliteration and some carefully chosen vocabulary, supports the amazing pictures as you count from one to ten. Anyone familiar with the work of Jackie Morris knows what visual delights to expect from one of her books and this is no exception!

Each double spread is about a number from one to ten, but the illustrations offer the possibilities for story telling far beyond this.

Nine white mice, happy as can be, with tiny china teacups and a big pot of tea...

Why are the mice enjoying their cup of tea? Who is the mouse ladling out the tea, carefully balancing with his (or her) tail curled around the spout? Is the mouse holding out his teacup whilst holding on to another's head going to make a speech? What is going on?

Seven giant pandas, with pretty painted parasols...

What are they gossiping about under the shade of those parasols? Why are some sharing? Why does one have a fan, but no parasol?

And did the cheetah really eat all ten, huge cherries?! Anu one of these illustrations could be taken as the inspiration for story telling and/or writing. There are so many ideas to explore!

Embellished with gold and silver, the illustrations look as if they might belong in medieval manuscripts, making this a gem of a book to use with older children to inspire art work. Imagine the pleasure groups of children would have designing and creating their own masterpieces to share with younger children! Discussing the precise, short sentences which accompany each picture could encourage them to think carefully about the text they chose to use to sit alongside their work.

As a counting book for young children, this is a beautiful text which can be enjoyed time and time again, but for a teacher looking for something a little different to inspire lots of writing and art work ( and links to history, traditional tales and games, geography and cultural understanding...), 'One Cheetah, One Cherry' is a real gem!


One Cheetah, One Cherry: A Book of Beautiful Numbers by Jackie Morris

Otter-Barry    ISBN: 978- 1910959282


Carried away by my love of this book, I have made some 'teaching ideas notes' based on this text which we will add to the members' only section of the site soon!