Explore nature with DK!

What a lovely little book which encourages you to get out and about and explore the amazing world of birds!

'Birds' is the perfect book for both those who already have an interest and those who know little about this subject. It covers a comprehensive range of subjects from what is a bird to their different habitats to nests and breeding.

Each double spread is clearly illustrated with lovely colour photographs. The book also offers practical projects like making a bird bath or bird feeder. There is advice on how to count birds when in large numbers, how to inspect owl pellets, how to draw them...so much!

Covering a good range of bird's from all over the world, the book has a detailed index, making it easy to locate relevant information. Great for stimulating discussion and further exploration or activity, this is a lovely little book for developing an interest in our feathered friends!

Birds   by Jill Bailey and David Burnie

Consultant: Ben Hoare

DK    ISBN:  978-0241282502