'Why don't you come out to play, little creature?'

Inside the cave is a little creature. The little creature never leaves his home because of the wolf who is waiting outside- waiting to eat it.

The wolf tries everything he can to persuade the creature that they would be the very best of friends, but the creature stays safe in his cave. At last, the wolf offers something irresistable...and what emerges from the cave is a surprise for everyone!

This book is pure joy from cover to cover. The illustrations are fabulous- quirky, original and colourful- and full of fun details to be discovered on each re-reading. Seeing what the worm is up to on each page is very entertaining! The story itself is also funny, offering plenty of discussion points and opportunities for writing/ telling other stories about the characters.

If you are looking for a new favourite for your class- or for your bedtime read- this is a must!

The Cave by Rob Hodgson

Frances Lincoln    ISBN: 978- 1847809117