Jellicle Cats- come one, come all...

I love cats and 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats' is a great favourite of mine! Arthur Robins has now illustrated four of these poems- Macavity the Mystery Cat, Mr Mistoffelees the Conjuring Cat, Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat and the latest,  'Jellicle Cats',- as colourful, humorous picture books. We've previously reviewed Macavity here.

This book is a riotous romp of cavorting cats! Pleasure- loving felines prance from page to page in twenties style dress, bringing to life the whimsical words of Eliot's 'The Song of the Jellicles'.

The vibrant illustrations will attract a new generation to appreciate the magic of these poems and there are many little details in each picture to discover and enjoy. Whether practising their 'airs and graces', waiting for the Jellicle Moon to rise or jumping like a jumping-jack, the cats i each picture tell many stories and are a joy to behold!

I wonder which of Old Possum's Practical Cats will come next!

Jellicle Cats   by T S Eliot, illustrated by Arthur Robins

Faber and Faber      ISBN: 978-0571333417