Pigs, Zebras and lots of fun!

On Sunday, I was back at the Story Museum to see Alex Milway, author of the Pigsticks and Harold books, and Gary Northfield, author of the Julius Zebra books.

Two energetic and very funny authors, they were the perfect combination, teaching the audience how to draw and encouraging them to use plenty of imagination!

Both were very difficult to take pictures of as they were constantly on the move! Alex started by reading from Pigsticks and Harold's third adventure, 'The Pirate Treasure'. Then, he taught us to draw both Harold and Pigsticks, making it seem very easy!

Gary showed us a trailer for the Julius Zebra books before reading a section of the second book in the series. He also gave us a drawing lesson!

The two then took suggestions for things to draw and went head-to-head in a timed draw-off. Children in the audience came up with some weird and wonderful suggestions for them and they did not disappoint! Ninja ballerinas and sky-diving elephants appeared before our eyes- and within the time limit!


It was a great event- full of fun and laughter! A great way for me to finish my visit to the Oxford Literary Festival 2017!

Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure    by Alex Milway

Walker Books    ISBN: 978-1406346053

Julius ZebraBundle with the Britons     by Gary Northfield

Walker Books   ISBN: 978-1406354935