So, today is the day and we have revealed our long list for this year! It has been SUCH hard work, trying to whittle the lists down.

This year, we had a record number of nominations from publishers and group members and have been frantically reading. We have also had a record number of meetings to discuss the books and debate which ones we could bear to not put on the list! It's a good thing we all get on so well...

The next step is for those who wish to be involved at this stage to read everything. Each book will be reviewed in detail. As we try to constantly review books we enjoy as we are reading, some titles have already been reviewed, but will be reviewed again by another member of the team to offer a different perspective. We will also continue to review other books that we enjoy and events we attend!

The short list will be announced at the beginning of September and this is where we really battle it out, deciding which of the wonderful books we have chosen will make the short list. We think about more detailed teaching sequences and ideas for their use in classrooms and try a few things out on our children! Again, anyone who has read all the titles in a category can vote. (Details of how to do this will be posted nearer the time)

The awards are held in November. All our past winners and nominees are welcome to join us again! The ceremonies of the last two years have been lovely- due to the warmth and enthusiasm of those who come. You can read Henry's post about last year here. Henry's the son of one of our group members and he presented one of the awards for us.

So- a huge thank you to everyone who suggested books- publishers and group members. Thank you to all the authors and illustrators whose wonderful books we've been enjoying.

Let's get reading!