My New Room

It's time for Edith to change bedrooms and luckily, all her toys are there to help her settle in. Each one has a special place to make their home and they all have something to say about it.

This charming story offers a calm, reassuring look at something which can be a huge event in a child's life. Although about moving rooms, it could be used to offer support at other times of change as well.

Edith has a whole range of toys from Gary the Guardsman (head of moving and room safety) to Sebastian (a draft excluder), each with a special role to play in the new room. We are introduced to each in turn and find out about each one.

The teacherly part of my brain is particularly excited by the way the text is laid out. The reporting clause for each toy's speech is printed in a grey type whereas the rest is in black. This instantly attracts attention to how speech is punctuated and a great range of synonyms for 'said' is used. The quality of language used throughout also offers many opportunities for discussion.

Delightful illustrations and the note-book like appearance of the pages make this something a little different and very appealing. My only complaint is the lack of capital letters for Lisa's name! However, this is a book I will be using in class before too long!

My New Room   by Lisa Stickley

PavilionISBN: 978-1843653271