From the Museum...

Featuring an amazing array of incredible objects from the British Museum, these board books offer something very different.

Many ABC books tell the reader that 'C is for Cat'. The difference here is that the cat shown is a porcelain cat from China. The king is an ivory chess piece from Scandanavia whilst the queen (Q) is a wooden statue of Queen Victoria from Nigeria. The selection is wonderful.

Similarly, the counting book shows objects from around the world, allowing them to be compared and contrasted with each other. Who woud have thought that something as simple as a doll or a key could show such variety in different places and at different times! Coins, spoons, hats, rings..!

Described as 'books for curious little ones', these beautifully presented books really are full of things to wonder at! For the youngest children, the images make a pleasant change from the traditional, but these books are also the perfect way into museum visits with older children. Pick an object, scan the QR code to find out more and then plan a visit to the amazing British Museum to find it and see it for real! Sort of geo-caching in a museum- or your own treasure hunt!

There are notes on each object at the back of the book, saying what it is, where it has come from and when. Informative and interesting, these books are also beautiful. What more could a reader want?!

The British Museum: 123- Early Learning at the Museum

Nosy Crow   ISBN: 978-0857638175

The British Museum: ABC- Early Learning at the Museum

Nosy Crow      ISBN: 978-0857638168