Everyone always seems to say 'no' to Mirabel when she asks for something. However, this all changes when she meets Wishker, a rufty-tufty roaming cat who can do magic. Offered three wishes, Marabel knows exactly what she wants- for everyone to say 'yes' to her.

However, as the appeal of this quickly fades, Mirabel soon realises what is really important and where true happiness lies.

Getting your own way all the time is what we think we all want, but as Mirabel finds out, having whatever you want is not always good for you. This lovely story offers an excellent basis for exploring this with children as Mirabel's demands become and more outlandish, causing chaos. The ending would make a great starting point for creating further adventures for this family and their rufty-tufty roaming cat.

The illustrations are colourful and bright. Each picture is full humour and detail- I love the hippo in the bath, painting its nails! Wishker has the most lovable face and deserves his new home and family.

Magic, mayhem and plenty of fun make this an appealing story for sharing!

Wishker by Heather Pindar, illustrated by Sarah Jennings

Maverick Publishing     ISBN: 978-1848862449