LONG LIST REVIEW: Mango & Bambang The Not-a-Pig

This is the first in a series of books about Mango Allsorts and Bambang, the Malasyian tapir (not a pig!) she meets. Bambang is lost and alone in the city, frightened by everything when the kind Mango comes to his rescue.  There are four stories about this unusual friendship in this beautiful book.

Amongst shelves full of loud, bright books full of 'issues' and full on adventure, there is something delightfully charming and refreshing about this slightly old-fashioned seeming book with its candy stripes, gentle humour and wonderful illustrations.

Written in a chatty style, 'Mango and Bambang: The Not-a-Pig' makes a perfect read aloud, offering plenty of opportunities for 'doing the voices'! Each story is about 30 pages long, ideal for sharing over two or three sessions, and the wealth of illustrations brings each vividly to life. In places, the lettering plays across the pages, emphasising certain words and phrases.

Mango is a lively, resourceful girl who will appeal to boys as well as girls, just as George-from-the-tree-in-the-park will appeal to girls as well as boys! The warmth of friendship between Mango and Bambang is really touching- sweet and innocent.

He could do anything with Mango. He would do anything for Mango...

This is a read-aloud which offers something just a bit different. A delightful, refreshing story about a beautiful friendship.

Mango and Bambang The Not-a-Pig by Polly Faber, illustrated by Clara Vulliamy

Walker Books    ISBN: 978-1406361438