Living in a place where everydog looks the same and acts the same, being different means you really stand out. From her clothes to her interests, Odd Dog is just that- the odd dog out- and feels she has to leave her home to find somewhere that she fits in.

So she makes her way to 'Doggywood' where all the dogs look and act just like she does. She is delighted! But then she makes a new friend who teaches her that standing out from the crowd and being an individual is something to be proud of!

With its positive message and amazing illustrations, this is a brilliant book for home or school. Visually rich and rewarding, each spread is full of details to explore and enjoy whilst the story offers a heart-warming affirmation of individuality.

Whether used as a lovely story, as the starting point for discussions about standing out from the crowd or to inspire amazing artwork, 'Odd Dog Out' is a book that can be appreciated by children (and adults!) of all ages. The loneliness she experiences and the self doubt that makes her feel out of place is something that many of us will feel at some point in our lives and this story puts a light-hearted slant on this.

There are other stories about being an individual and dancing to your own tune, but this is a story which presents the message in a way as unique as the individual reading it!

Odd Dog Out   Rob Biddulph

Harper Collins   ISBN: 978-0007594153