LONGLIST REVIEW: The Bookshop Girl

This is a story about a little girl with a big secret. Her name is Property and she lives with her family in a Bookshop (You probably have questions already –but these will all be helpfully answered by the narrator very early on-so sit back and enjoy the fantasy) The family don’t have much but are content so it seems like all their dreams are coming true when they win a raffle and move into the enormous, spectacular and ‘mechanical’ (all questions will be answered- this time by the ‘not as he seems’ Mr Montgomery) Book Emporium. However, very soon that dream becomes a nightmare and, almost immediately, Property, her family and The Gunther (a very angry kitten that seems to have taken Property as his pet) find themselves in a lot of trouble when a dastardly crime threatens their happy ever after.

The wonder of reading is the very essence of Sylvia Bishop’s ‘The Bookshop Girl’, book lovers (and sniffers) will relish the idea of living in a miraculous bookshop and those perhaps not so keen on reading will realise that books are the threshold of something quite marvellous and maybe feel encouraged, like Property, to open the door and walk in.

Ashley King’s illustrations complement the text in their simplicity and charm, providing inspiration for readers to design their own book themed rooms or write instructions on how the ‘Montgomery Book Emporium’s’ machinery works.

‘The Bookshop Girl’ is a magical read aloud; heart-warming and packed full of giggles, ideal for story time.

The Bookshop Girl by Sylvia Bishop, illustrated by Ashley King

Scholastic     ISBN: 978-1407159690