LONGLIST REVIEW: We're All Wonders

Auggie doesn’t look ‘ordinary’ but he likes to do ordinary things- like riding his bike, eating ice cream and playing ball. His mum says he’s a wonder and his dog, Daisy, agrees but other children stare and laugh at him which hurts his feelings. When this happens he blasts off into outer space, looks down on our planet and the billions of people below; he thinks about how we are all different and feels the Earth is big enough for everyone. He asks the reader to understand that he can’t change the way that he looks but that they can change the way that they see and if they do they too will see he’s ‘a wonder’ because everyone is! ‘We’re all Wonders!’

Using simple but powerful images based on the front cover of her original children’s novel, R J Palacio brings ‘Wonder’ to a younger audience.

The characterisation of Auggie is cleverly handled and, despite his lack of features, the reader can clearly see and feel his emotions with clues from his well drawn body language and help from the expressive Daisy throughout the book.

Just like Palacio’s pictures, the ‘Wonder’ message is also simple but powerful- this book conveys clearly ‘choose kind’, welcome difference and accept everyone – a message that needs to be shared, discussed and passed forward, now more than ever.

We’re all Wonders        R J Palacio

Puffin     ISBN: 978-014138641-6