Letter to Pluto

When Jon's teacher tells his class that they are going to write to someone from another planet, he is less than impressed, particularly when he is told he has to use pen and paper to do so. It is 2317 after all! As if that isn't bad enough, his pen-pal is a GIRL! However, once he gets started, the writing becomes less of a chore and more enjoyable until this unlikely friendship might just change their universe!

Told as a series of letters between Jon from Earth and Straxi from Pluto, this is a wonderful story about the power of friendship and how individuals can make a huge difference. The style is chatty and very readable as the two children share information about the planets they live on and their family lives. The travels of Jon's planet-hopping Grandma are a sign of the times they live in and a source of amusement!

As well as showing the reader that friendship can blossom from the unlikeliest of beginnings, the story explores the impact people can have on their planet. When the President of Pluto makes a decision which he thinks will solve his planet's problem, it has disasterous consequences, showing that often the best intentioned interference with nature needs to be thought through with the greatest care. This could easily lead to discussion about all sorts of environmental and conservational topics.

Full of 'drawings' by the children and items they include in their letters to each other, the book buzzes with fun! 'Letter to Pluto' is a fabulous story to share and enjoy.

Letter to Pluto        by Lou Treleaven

Maverick     ISBN: 978-1848862319